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I’m Eden and I’ve been a k-pop fan since 2020. I started an Etsy shop, Cute Frog Creations, to share my handmade k-pop merch. I also have an Amazon store where I publish cute kpop + kawaii notebooks and journals!

I decided to launch the Cute Frog Creations blog to connect with other k-pop fans and stans. If you’re looking for a primer to k-pop terms, tips on prepping for your first kpop concert or guides to organizing your kpop merch, you’re in the right place!

About Me:

I’m a student and entrepreneur who first got interested in k-pop and Korean culture in 2020. My first introduction to k-pop was Blackpink and I’ve since become a fan of Ateez, Tomorrow x Together, Cravity, StayC, Seventeen, Monsta X and more!

I’ve been to five k-pop concerts, with more to come. In addition to listening to k-pop and running a k-pop shop on Etsy, I also love art journaling and regularly make k-pop journal pages, some of which you’ll see here!

Aside from k-pop, I’m a fan of Stranger Things, Ensemble Stars and k-dramas like Alchemy of Souls and Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

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