Kpop Fanmeeting vs. Fan Sign vs. Fan Call

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Dreaming of a chance to meet your favorite kpop idols? Attending a kpop fanmeeting is a great way to spend time with the k-pop artists you love most alongside your fellow fans. 

K-pop fan meetings are a regular fixture of the kpop culture in South Korea but international fans don’t have to go overseas to take part in one. Online fan meetings grew in popularity during the COVID pandemic and plenty of k-pop groups continue to connect with their fans through virtual events. 

​But what happens at a kpop fan meeting exactly, and how is it different from a fansign event or fan call?

We’ll walk you through everything to know about seeing your favorite idols at a kpop fan meet. 

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What Is a Kpop Fanmeeting? 

A kpop fanmeeting is an opportunity for k-pop fans to interact with their favorite groups. Fan meetings offer a more relaxed environment than k-pop concerts since the crowd is usually limited to a smaller number of people. 

Like concerts, entry to a fan meeting is based on ticketing. If you can secure a ticket when they go on sale, then that’s all you need to get into a kpop fanmeeting. 

K-pop fan meetings can happen online or offline. Event organizers are in charge of deciding when, where, and how to hold fan meetings.

It’s not unusual for kpop groups to hold multiple fan meetings throughout the year both virtually and in person. Fan meetings can be single-day or multi-day events, depending on the demand for tickets from fans. 

For example, the 2023 SHINee Fanmeeting ‘Everyday is SHINee Day’: Piece of Shine event started as a one-day fan meeting. The group’s company, SM Entertainment, ended up adding a second day to the event after fans raised complaints about potential problems with the venue and seating arrangements. 

Kpop fan meetings can be held with the entire group or a single group member. WayV’s Ten held a solo fan con in February 2024 to celebrate the release of his solo debut album but in 2023, he participated in a fanmeeting with his other group members to promote their “Phantom” album.

Why do kpop groups have fan meetings? 

Entertainment companies use fan meetings to promote their groups and of course, make money. K-pop fandoms can hold a lot of power when it comes to things like promoting their favorite artist on social media platforms, bagging them wins on music shows, and making sure their albums are best sellers. 

When a kpop fan meeting is organized properly, the group and event organizers can earn praise from k-pop fans and boost the group’s profile. Events that are poorly run, on the other hand, stand a good chance of drawing negative attention to the group. 

For example, in 2022 Hello82 organized a fan meeting for Ateez that was heavily criticized after Atiny reported falling because instead of being given chairs to sit on, they were provided with milk crates.

Fan meetings are not just for established k-pop stars either; rookie groups can also use them to connect with fans ahead of their debut or comeback or to celebrate their first anniversary.

Here’s up-and-coming Japanese group &Team dancing to OMG by New Jeans at their first anniversary fanmeeting in Seoul.

What Happens at a Kpop Fan Meeting?

​The event organizers can decide the format for a fan meeting but it often ends up being like a mini concert. Here’s a rundown of what you can expect before, during, and after a fan meeting with your favorite k-pop idols. 

attending a kpop fanmeeting
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Before the fan meeting begins:

  • Fans line up outside the venue with their tickets in hand. (Tip: It’s a good idea to get there early so you have a decent chance of getting a good spot in line).
  • Once inside the venue, you’ll have a chance to mingle with your fellow fans. Don’t be surprised to see fan clubs or fansites handing out freebies like bracelets, banners, or stickers. 
  • There may be a photo zone in the main hall of the venue where you can snag a photo op with a life-size cardboard cutout of your favorite member, or snap picks for other k-pop enthusiasts.
  • Once you get to your seat, you may find a welcome gift waiting for you that can include regular size photo cards, a commemorative pin or button, bottled water, and a snack.

During the fan meeting:

  • Group members will come out and introduce themselves using their group greeting and bow to the audience. 
  • Members will play interactive games with the crowd which might include offering special prizes to the winners or bringing fans up onstage. 
  • There may be some fan service elements, like having group members dress up in cute headbands or outfits and doing aegyo poses. 
  • Next is a stage performance with the group performing five to 10 songs. The setlist might include crowd favorites, their latest releases, or cover songs. 
  • The group may venture out into the crowd to give fans a thrill while they sing. 
  • If a fan project was organized before the show by a fan club or fanbase that will be presented to the members near the end of the meetup. 
  • As the fan meeting draws to a close the members will gather on stage to thank their fans for coming and say goodbye.

After the fan meeting

  • There may be a hi touch event once the meeting is over. This is when you can briefly touch hands with your favorite k-pop artist as you exit the venue. 
  • Some fan meetings offer photo ops with the idols at a designated area in the venue. 

Kpop fan meetings are designed to feel more intimate than a concert, almost like you’re having a secret meeting with your favorite idols and just a few other fans. 

Online fan meetings work much the same way as in-person meetings, with games, stage performances, and other activities. The difference is that you’re watching through a computer or phone screen versus being seated just a few feet away from your bias. 

For example, in 2023 the Aespa fan meeting ‘My Drama’ was held online and streamed through Fans who had purchased a ticket or had a verified redeem code were able to attend. 

How to Get Into a Kpop Fan Meeting

If you’d like to attend a fan meeting, online or offline, you’ll need to buy a ticket. There may be different dates when tickets go on sale, with one date for presales and one for general public ticketing. 

You’ll usually need to join the group’s official fan club to get a presale code. The code should come to your in your email and you can use it to join the queue on the ticketing site when the presale opens. 

You might have more than one type of ticket to choose from. For example, Red Velvet held a fan meeting in 2023 with multiple ticket packages that included a ticket and a special item. Options included postcard books, special ticket sets, t-shirts, and official Red Velvet lightsticks. 

Note that if you’re trying to attend an in-person fan meeting in South Korea, fan club members get first dibs, followed by k-fans. That can make it harder for international fans to get a ticket if they’re in high demand and sell out quickly. 

​Kpop Fanmeeting vs. Kpop Fansign

kpop fansign
Kpop fanmeeting vs. kpop fansign

A kpop fan sign event is where kpop fans get their albums signed by their favorite artists. 

Group members sit at a table and fans move down the line, getting their albums signed by each member. They typically have 1 to 2 minutes to chat with each group member. 

There may be some games or talking before the album signing part of the event begins. But the main purpose of the event is to get autographs from your faves.

​So how do you get into a kpop fan sign? 

Most often, you have to buy albums to have a chance at winning a spot. Fan signs can use a lucky draw or lottery system to decide who gets in.

Each album you buy = one entry into the drawing. There’s no exact number of albums you’ll need to buy but the more you purchase, the more shots you have at winning a spot.

​It’s not unheard of for k-pop fans to spend thousands of dollars buying hundreds of albums to try and win a place in a fan sign. Should you win, you’ll be assigned a line ID that determines the order in which you can get your albums signed and meet the idols. 

Kpop Fanmeeting vs. Kpop Fan Call

A kpop fan call is a chance to talk to your favorite idols via video chat. Video call events became hugely popular during the pandemic since COVID restrictions kept fans and idols from meeting up in person. 

For some rookie groups, a video chat may be how they meet their fans for the first time. If a fan call gets a lot of attention the group’s company might schedule an in-person fan meeting event. 

Getting into fan calls is the same as getting into a fan sign. You’ll need to buy one or more kpop albums to be entered into a drawing. 

If your name is pulled, then you’ll need to verify your personal information with the event organizers. You’ll get prior notice as to when to be ready for the call and how long it will last, which is typically 1 to 2 minutes max. 

Fan calls can be held on different dates over a week or weekend. Depending on how the fan call event is structured, you might be talking to just one group member or all of them. 

If you’re worried about a language barrier, planning out what you want to say beforehand can help with good communication. And you’ll want to make sure your internet connection is working normally to avoid any technical issues. 

You’ll need to provide your shipping address to have your signed albums delivered to you. In terms of how long it takes to receive your albums, it can depend on the distance between the origin zip code and destination zip code, and when the event organizers make the signed albums available. Standard delivery is usually the cheapest option for international fans but it’s also the most expensive. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a kpop fanmeeting cost?

Tickets to a kpop fanmeeting can run from $40 to $110 though you might pay more to attend one, depending on the group and how rabid fans are for the tickets. If you’re traveling to Seoul for a fan meeting, then you’ll need to add other costs to your budget, like round trip airfare, meals, and hotel accommodations. You’ll also want to budget for any merch or souvenirs you plan to buy while you’re there. 

How long does a kpop fanmeeting last?

A kpop fanmeeting can last anywhere from one to three hours, making them roughly the same length as a kpop concert. If you’re planning to attend a fan meeting make sure to wear comfortable clothes and shoes, and have a meal or snack before you go in case no food is available at the venue. 

Is attending a kpop fanmeeting worth it?

Going to a kpop fan meet can be worth it if you’re able to have fun and be silly with your favorite k-pop idols. These events are a chance for idols to unwind and be a little more playful than they might be at a concert and you have more time to spend with them vs. a fan sign or fan call. 

Final Thoughts

​Kpop fan meetings can be an amazing experience and if you have a chance to go to one, it’s something you don’t want to miss. Seeing your favorite groups on variety shows or music shows just isn’t the same as being in the same room with them during an in-person fan meeting. And if you can’t get to South Korea, then online fan meetings are the next best thing if you want to cheer your favorite group on.

​Have you ever been to a kpop fanmeeting?