How to Sell Kpop Albums and Make the Most Money [2023]

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Got some kpop albums you no longer listen to? Selling them to other k-pop fans can be a great way to make extra money while cleaning out the clutter in your album collection. 

But what’s involved in how to sell kpop albums and where can you get the most cash for them?

If you’re interested in selling official albums from your favorite girl groups or boy groups for cash (and getting the most money possible) here’s what you need to know. 

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Why Sell Kpop Albums?

People who love Korean music know how easy it is to build a huge collection of albums. It seems like new albums come out practically every week and k-pop agencies are notorious for selling multiple versions of the same album.

With so many different types of albums out there, you might feel like you’re buying all the time, especially if you stan a lot of groups. 

Selling some of your kpop albums or other kpop merch is a good way to clean up your collection. And you can make some decent money selling albums, k-pop photo cards and other items. 

Here are some scenarios where selling off some of your kpop albums could make sense:

  • Your favorite groups have changed and you’re no longer collecting albums from a particular group.
  • You bought dozens or even hundreds of albums to enter drawings for fan meetings or fan calls, but you don’t have room for them in your house.
  • You purchased multiple versions of the same album to get the random photocard in each one. 
  • You’ve vowed to hold off on new album purchases until you get rid of some of the ones you no longer listen to. 

Of course, you could also sell your albums if you’re losing interest in kpop. Not everyone who becomes a k-pop stan remains one and selling your albums or other merch can help you get back some of the money you dropped on your hobby over the years. 

How to Sell Kpop Albums (for the Most Money)

​Ready to sell your albums? These tips can help you to get the best price possible as you pare down your collection. 

1. Decide which albums to sell

First things first, you’ll need to decide which albums from your kpop collection you want to sell. Some of the different types of kpop albums you could sell for money include:

  • Full-length albums
  • Mini albums
  • Single albums
  • Mixtapes
  • Repackage albums
  • Vinyl editions
  • Concert albums and DVDs

Is a full-length album worth more than a mini-album or single? Maybe, but that alone shouldn’t be the deciding factor on which albums to sell. Ultimately, you need to decide which albums you’re unwilling to part with and which ones you’d be comfortable letting go of.

how to sell kpop albums
How to Sell Kpop Albums

2. Evaluate the condition of your albums

As a general rule of thumb, an album that’s in great condition is going to bring you more money than one that’s got some obvious wear and tear. Here are some tips for determining the condition of your albums:

  • Look at the contents of the album. ​An album that has all of its original inclusions (which might include a folded poster, stickers, an extra photocard or polaroid, a standee, etc.) is usually going to be worth more than one that just has the album and a photobook. If your albums are missing any of the original goodies they came with, you’ll definitely want to let buyers know that beforehand. 
  • Check the outside packaging. ​If your kpop albums have been sitting on a shelf since you bought them, there may be little or no damage to the outside packaging. But it’s still worth your time to look for any tears, scratches, dents or other damages that might take away from your albums’ resale value. 
  • Verify that your albums are legitimate. Counterfeiting is a real problem and it’s important to make sure your albums are the real deal before trying to resell them. A simple way to check is to look for a Korea Music Copyright Association sticker on the back of your albums. This agency is responsible for issuing copyrights to music artists in South Korea. Just be sure to check the sticker itself as the real ones have a holographic background. 

How to check if your kpop album is authentic. #KOMCA #KPOP #FYP #BLACKPINK

♬ Pretty Savage – BLACKPINK

3. Set your prices

Now that you know which albums you want to sell, it’s time to decide how much you want to charge for them. How much you can sell a kpop album for usually comes down to supply and demand and who’s purchasing them. 

Potential buyers for used and like-new kpop albums can include:

  • New kpop fans who are trying to build out their collections
  • Long-time collectors who are looking for hard-to-find albums
  • Online shops and offline stores that sell k-pop albums and other merch
  • People who may be looking to buy kpop albums for someone else as a gift

The good news is that if you have an album to sell, chances are there’s at least one person out there who’s willing to pay you money for it. The bad news is that some albums may be easier to sell than others. 

Albums from groups like BTS, Blackpink, Stray Kids, Red Velvet, Tomorrow X Together or even Le Sserafim may sell fairly quickly, but if you mostly stan smaller groups it might take a little longer to find the right buyer. 

So, how much can you charge? Pricing can depend on:

  • How rare the item is and its availability in the market
  • Which group the album is from
  • Whether the album is signed or unsigned
  • Which photocards or other inclusions come with the album

Looking at what the same album is reselling for can give you an idea of where to set your prices. For example, if you see that Music Korea is selling a signed album that you also own for $30, you might set your price in a similar range. 

4. List your albums for sale

If you’ve figured out what you want to charge, you can move on to listing your items for sale. 

We’ll break down some of the best options for where to sell kpop albums in a bit. For now, we’ll focus on how to create a listing that gets attention. 

  • Add pictures. Including some hi-res photos of the album and its inclusions can be a great way to get your listing noticed. You can take pics of the front and back of the album, the photocards and other inclusions. If there are any dings, scratches or dents, you might want to take a close-up of them so that buyers can see exactly what they’re getting. 
  • Write a good description. ​Your description should include as much detail as possible for buyers so that you’re not having to field questions about what you’re selling. For example, you can specify which version of the album you’re selling, who signed it if it’s signed, what’s included with it, and notes about its overall condition. If there’s anything that you’re not including with the album, you can also make note of that in plain terms.
  • Be truthful. ​If you’re selling an album that has dented corners or is missing the photocards, be upfront about that. Omitting information just to make a sale can trigger some bad karma and it could get you banned from the selling platform you’re using if a buyer complains. 

how to sell kpop albums
How to Sell Kpop Albums for the Most Money

5. Deliver sold items to buyers

Once your albums sell, you’re ready to get them to your buyers!

If you’re selling kpop albums locally, that might be as simple as arranging a meetup with the buyer. When meeting in person, be sure to choose a safe place like your local police station and don’t give out any unnecessary personal information. 

​If you’ve sold your albums online, you’ll need to package them and choosing a shipping option. If you live in the U.S., your shipping options can include:

  • U.S. Postal Service
  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • DHL

It’s a good idea to compare shipping rates for each one to see how much it might cost you to send albums to buyers. 

You may want to add shipping costs into your sales price so that you’re not funding the fees out-of-pocket. And note that some online platforms might give you the option to have the buyer pay for shipping at the time of purchase. 

When it’s time to pack orders, you want to make sure the album isn’t going to get damaged in shipping. Wrapping it in bubble wrap and putting it in a right-sized box or mailing envelope can keep it from getting jostled around too much.

And if you’re selling kpop albums as a side hustle or business, you might want to drop in a few freebies and a handwritten note with each order. Those are small things but adding in some stickers or an extra photocard can be a great way to build customer loyalty so that people will buy from you again and again. 

Where to Sell Kpop Albums (Near Me)

​There are lots of options for selling kpop albums, online and off. Here are some of the best places to sell kpop albums that you no longer need or want. 

  • Facebook. There are a few options for selling kpop albums on Facebook. You could list them for sale on Facebook Marketplace, offer them for sale in a local bargains group or join a buy/sell group for kpop fans.
  • ​Twitter. If you spend any time on kpoptwt, you’ve probably come across someone selling photocards, albums and other merch. It may be easy to sell kpop albums on Twitter if you’ve got a decent following.
  • Instagram. Instagram is another option for selling kpop albums on social media. Again, you might need to have a decent following to generate some sales here. 
  • eBay. You might not think of eBay right away when deciding how to sell kpop albums, but it’s another option if you want to be able to sell to buyers in the U.S. or internationally. The biggest tip for selling kpop albums on eBay is to include some good pictures of your items. 
  • Etsy. Technically, Etsy is meant for selling handmade or vintage items but you’ll still see people selling kpop albums and photo cards here. Setting up an Etsy shop isn’t that difficult and Etsy gives you the option to have buyers pay the shipping fees. 
  • Mercari. Mercari is an online marketplace where you can sell all kinds of things, including kpop albums. And like Etsy, Mercari lets you choose whether you want to pay for shipping or have buyers pick up the tab.
  • Wish. Wish is another online marketplace where buyers and sellers can connect. You’ll find a decent selection of kpop albums and kpop merch already for sale here, which can make it easier to research pricing. 
  • Reddit. Lots of kpop fans hang out on Reddit and the r/kpopforsale thread is another possibility for selling albums, photocards or even kpop concert tickets. If you’re buying items here, just make sure to research sellers to find ones that are legitimate. 

When you’re considering any online platform for selling kpop albums, pay attention to the fees you might pay. Some platforms, like Etsy, charge a fee to list your items and they charge additional fees when you sell them. 

If you want to sell kpop albums offline, your options might include Facebook bargain groups or Marketplace, Craigslist and local kpop stores. You can search for ‘kpop store near me‘ to find local kpop shops that may buy used albums or other k-pop merchandise. 

How to Sell Kpop Albums FAQs

Yes, it’s completely legal to sell kpop music albums and other merchandise, including k-pop photocards, lightsticks, banners, posters and other collectibles in the United States and in othe countries. You can also make and sell your own k-pop merch and sell it on a platform like Etsy. You just have to be careful to avoid violating any copyright or trademark laws when starting an online store to sell kpop merch.

What are the best places to sell kpop albums?

Some of the best places to sell kpop albums include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Etsy. If you’re wondering how to sell kpop albums locally, you might try selling them to a physical store in your area. Some kpop stores (and other stores that sell k-pop music) will pay cash for physical albums that are in good condition. 

Which kpop albums can you sell for the most money?

Kpop albums that sell for higher prices tend to be ones that are in perfect condition and have all the inclusions still intact. An unopened kpop album will likely fetch more money than one that’s been opened. Likewise, a signed kpop album will usually bring in more money than unsigned albums. And the bigger the group, the more money you might be able to get for albums. For instance, an album signed by all seven BTS members may go for more than an album from a 5th gen group that just debuted. 

​Final Thoughts on How to Sell Kpop Albums

Selling some of your collection could make sense if you’re struggling with how to organize your kpop albums, or you just don’t have as much interest in kpop music as you used to. Knowing how to sell kpop albums and where to offer them for sale can ensure that you get the best price possible.

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