Kpop Store Near Me Ultimate Guide: Where to Find a Local Kpop Shop

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Need to pick up a light stick, albums, or other kpop merchandise?

You could check out an online kpop shop but if you’d rather buy locally, you can search for a k-pop store in your area.

But how do I find a kpop store near me? And what are the best things to buy at a kpop shop?

If you’re in love with all things related to kpop culture, this shopping guide can help you find everything you need to complete your kpop merch collection.

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What Is a Kpop Store?

kpop stores near me
Kpop Store Near Me

A kpop store or kpop shop is a store that sells kpop merchandise, including albums, lightsticks, photo books, and other items.

Physical kpop stores are common in the big cities of South Korea, including Seoul, Busan, and Incheon. The first kpop stores originated here following the birth of kpop in the early 90s.

If you plan to visit South Korea, then hitting some kpop shops might be on your list of things to do. And you might want to check out some of the filming sites of Korean drama shows while you’re at it.

But if you can’t get there in person, it’s possible to find a kpop shop near you in major cities around the world. There are also plenty of online store options for kpop fans who may not have a local kpop store to visit.

Some of the most popular kpop stores online include:

Pro tip: If you’re shopping online for kpop merch, stick with an online store that offers free shipping which can save you a little money!

Amazon is another good website for finding kpop merchandise but there are some pros and cons to shopping there.

If you’re buying your favorite group’s latest album, for example, it may not count toward the Hanteo Charts for album sales. But you may find kpop albums listed for a cheaper price on Amazon, which is a plus if you’re trying to buy kpop merch on a budget.

Remember, you can also check out Etsy for one-of-a-kind and custom kpop merch that you won’t find at kpop stores.

You can find handmade kpop items like deco top loaders, photocard binder fillers, and custom lightstick straps for any fandom you support.

enhypen lightstick strap

Find a Kpop Store Near Me

A simple search can help you find kpop stores near you. If you’re ready to start shopping, then just enter your zip code in the search box and hit the button to find kpop stores nearby.

Note: Search results will open in a new window on a laptop or mobile device.

kpop store near me atlanta google maps

Find a Kpop Store Near Me

You can also use different search terms to find kpop stores near you.

For example, you could search for:

  • ‘kpop shop near me’
  • ‘kpop store near me + zip code’
  • ‘where to buy kpop merch’
  • ‘kpop stores nearby’
  • ‘kpop albums near me’
  • ‘kpop stores + city’

The search selection results you get can depend on where you live or where you’re visiting if you’re traveling for a kpop concert.

If you’re in a big city like Las Vegas or Los Angeles, for example, there might be multiple kpop stores near you. But if you’re in a smaller town your search might produce fewer results.

Google Maps should bring up the best results. But you can also use a tool like MapMyNearest to find a kpop store near you.

What Can I Buy at a Kpop Store Near Me?

kpop store usa
Kpop Stores Near Me

Kpop stores can sell a wide variety of kpop merchandise. Some of the things you might be able to buy at a kpop store near you include:

  • Kpop albums (Including standard edition, limited edition, photobook ver, random ver, digipaks, and air kits)
  • Signed kpop albums
  • Season’s greetings
  • Kpop light sticks
  • Official group photo books
  • Photo card binders and collect books
  • Tour merch
  • Calendars
  • Posters
  • Concert DVDs
  • Funko pops (if you’re a BTS or Blackpink fan)
  • Coffee mugs
  • Keychains
  • Lomo cards (or official photo card sets)
  • Stuffed animals or plushies
  • Bucket hats
  • Hoodies and t-shirts
  • Korean makeup and beauty products
  • Perfume
  • Stationery and pens
  • Pic fans
  • Handheld battery-powered fans
  • Concert banners
  • Kpop concert bags
  • Pillows
  • Korean drama DVDs
  • Enamel pins
  • Postcard books
  • Stickers
  • Korean magazines
  • DICON photo books

Some kpop stores near you might also sell Korean food, snacks, or drinks. As you can see, a kpop store is the right place to look for almost anything you might need or want as a kpop fan.

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Best Things to Buy at a Kpop Store Near Me

best kpop stores near me
Best Kpop Store Near Me

If you’re visiting a kpop shop near you for the first time, it can be overwhelming since there’s so much to look at. And it can be tempting to buy everything you see since you can find things at a local kpop store that you might not be able to find anywhere else.

But if you’re on a budget it helps to plan your kpop store purchases wisely. So here are some of the best things to buy at a kpop store near you.

Kpop albums

signed kpop albums

Kpop stores primarily sell kpop albums so you can usually find a great selection of music here. And kpop stores can keep multiple versions of the same album on the shelves. So that could be perfect if you want to pick up all the Formula of Love albums or every version of Stray Kids’ Oddinary album.

It’s typical for kpop stores to display albums from the most popular groups closer to the front. So rows of BTS albums might be the first thing you see, followed by Tomorrow X Together albums, NCT albums, and Enhypen albums.

Kpop stores might also separate stock by boy groups, girl groups, and soloists. For example, Monsta X, Seventeen, and Ateez might be on one side of the store while Red Velvet, Twice, and Blackpink are on the other.

Some kpop stores might organize kpop albums by alphabet. Some may put season’s greetings and photo books together with the albums, while others keep them separate.

Getting to know your local kpop store’s layout can make finding what you’re looking for easier, which is especially helpful if you’re interested in underrated groups like A.C.E., OnlyOneOf, StayC, ONF, or Cravity. It’s common to find albums or merchandise for lesser-known idols near the back of the store.

Light sticks

do kpop concerts sell lightsticks

If you’re going to your first kpop concert, you might want to buy a light stick before you go.

While you can buy lightsticks at kpop concerts, they can be more expensive than buying them at a kpop store near you. So if you have a local kpop shop, then you might be better off getting your lightstick there.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to pack extra batteries in your clear concert bag so your lightstick stays glowing for the entire show.

Season’s greetings books

Season’s greetings sets come out around the December holidays each year. Depending on which group’s season’s greetings you’re buying, the set might include:

  • A calendar or full-page planner
  • Photo cards
  • Mini posters
  • Keychains
  • Stickers
  • Mini standees

If you collect season’s greetings sets, then January is a great time to check out a kpop store near you. That’s when most of them start arriving in stores. You can also look for markdowns on older seasons’ greetings boxes if there are a few that are missing from your collection.


A kpop photobook isn’t a must-have item necessarily but it can be nice to have if you enjoy looking at photos of your favorite kpop boy groups or girl groups.

You can find photo books at local kpop stores near you, though they usually come sealed in plastic so you can’t flip through them. In terms of the price, you might pay the same thing for them in a store that you would online. But you don’t have to pay extra for shipping.

Kpop concert DVDs and Blu-Ray

If you can’t attend a kpop concert in person, watching it on DVD or Blu-Ray can be the next best thing. And if you can see your favorite K-pop groups on tour, then you might want a recording of the concert so you can relive those memories over and over again.

You can find either one offered at kpop stores. In addition to the DVD or Blu-Ray, these sets usually come with special photo cards or postcards as a freebie.

Lomo cards

A Lomo card is an unofficial photo card. These cards are not the same as what comes with kpop albums, but there are lots of kpop fans who like to collect them.

You can find clear Lomo cards, oversized Lomo cards, special edition Lomo cards, and other options at kpop stores locally. Price-wise, you can usually get a pack of lomo cards for anywhere from $7 to $15, depending on which ones you’re buying.

That’s about what you’d pay on Amazon but a kpop store might have more options to choose from.

Tour merch

Hitting the merch booth at a kpop concert can be expensive and if you’re waiting in a long line, the items you want might sell out before it’s your turn. 

Kpop stores near you can sell the same kpop tour merch without the long lines and the higher prices. 

For example, you can buy exclusive tour photo card sets, t-shirts, hats, and postcard sets at your local kpop store. It’s the same as the items you could get at the concert without the big markups. 

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What Should I Not Buy at a Kpop Store Near Me?

If you’re on a tight budget, you might want to avoid buying anything at a kpop store locally if you could find it cheaper online. That assumes that you’re also able to get free shipping to save money.

You don’t want to buy anything from a kpop store that you suspect is counterfeit either. While it’s rare to see fake or bootleg items for sale at a kpop shop, it can and does happen from time to time.

On the other hand, there are some good reasons to shop at a kpop store near you.

For example, some kpop fans like to buy locally so they don’t have to wait for their items to arrive. And when you shop at a kpop store near you you’re supporting a small local business, versus dumping money into the pockets of a big corporation.

Here’s one more reason to shop at your local kpop stores: You can usually get free stuff.

For example, every time we visit Atlanta for a kpop concert we head to Kpop Story. The store has a great selection, the staff is super-friendly and we always leave with a stack of free full-size posters or official photo cards.

We also go to Kpop Store USA while we’re in town and get freebies there too. Instead of photo cards, they offer free posters and free enamel pins when you make a qualifying purchase.

Pro tip: Follow your favorite kpop store’s Instagram page to get the latest updates when new stock or merchandise drops.

Final Thoughts

Shopping at a local kpop store can be a fun experience and it’s always exciting when new items hit the shelves. And getting a few freebies can make your shopping trip worthwhile. If you don’t have a kpop store near you, you can still shop for kpop items online. Just be sure to compare prices at different stores to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

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