How to Get Barricade at a Kpop Concert [2023 Ultimate Guide]

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Getting a front row seat for a k-pop concert can be a dream come true, especially if it’s your first time seeing your faves perform live. If you’re specifically interested in snagging barricade spots, you’ll need a game plan to make that happen.

​In terms of how to get barricade at a kpop concert, it’ll depend largely on the concert venue and how ticketing is handled. Whether you’re going to your first kpop concert or your 50th, we’ve got some tips to help you see your favorite artists up close. 

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What Is Barricade at a Kpop Concert?

Barricade at a kpop concert means securing spots that are right in front of the stage behind a barrier of some sort, usually a metal gate. 

If you’ve ever seen videos of k-pop groups high-fiving fans at concerts or grabbing their phones to take selfies on social media, that’s what barricade is. It’s the closest you can be to the stage without actually being on it. 

For example, here’s what barricade seats looked like at a recent performance by k-pop band NCT.

Scoring a first row spot can lead to an incredible concert experience if you want to be able to see and hear everything clearly and potentially interact with group members during the performance. And it’s also a chance to get some good footage of your favorite idols (as long as recording is allowed inside the concert venue).

How to Get Barricade at a Kpop Concert

how to get barricade at a kpop concert
How to Get Barricade at a Kpop Concert

Whether you’re able to get barricade at a kpop show depends on a few things, starting with ticketing and how seats are assigned at the venue. 

Kpop concerts can sell different types of tickets, including:

  • VVIP packages
  • VIP tickets
  • General admission tickets (GA)

VVIP and VIP ticket holders pay more for tickets but they can get special perks in return for the extra cost, including priority access to the show. Whether that matters or not for getting barricade depends on whether you’re attending general admission concerts or going to a show with seated sections. 

Pro tip: Sound check before the show and the hi touch afterward may be included in a VVIP or VIP package, or sold separately as add-ons. 

How to get barricade at a kpop concert with pit seating

When a kpop concert has a pit area in front of the stage, fans can buy tickets for that section but there are no assigned seats. Again, they can be VVIP tickets, VIP standing tickets, or general admission. 

Fans are assigned a queue number that determines when they can enter the venue (and head to the pit to snag their barricade spots). ​Venues can assign numbers based on:

  • The type of ticket (so VVIP would be ahead of VIP, who would be ahead of GA)
  • The order that fans have lined up

This is where it pays to know exactly how the entrance process works for the venue that you’re going to. If the venue assigns queue numbers based on your ticket, then VVIP or VIP ticket purchases could pay off as barricade access might be practically guaranteed. Plus, you’ll have less stress trying to get into the venue and you may not need to arrive as early.

On the other hand, if the venue assigns numbers in the order that fans line up (or even uses a lottery-style system), then getting barricade seats can be a bigger challenge. 

If there’s no priority numbering based on your ticket type, you’ll most likely need to camp out at the venue well before the actual concert to get a good spot in line. How much time you’ll spend camping can depend on who you’re seeing and how big the crowd is likely to be.

For example, there are plenty of stories from fans who have spent 24 to 48 hours camping for BTS events. Whether that holds true for BTS’s next tour is debatable, since they’re now playing larger stadiums that don’t always have open pit areas.

If you’re planning to go to a show that you expect to draw a lot of fans, then you’ll probably need to plan to get there early. For example, if the concert is on Saturday night then you might need to show up as early as Friday morning to get a good spot in the line. 

Once you’re assigned your queue number you’ll get a wristband. That will determine what order you go in.

So, say that you’re the 134th person in line. You’ll only go in after the other 133 people in front of you. 

Once you’re actually inside, your wristband number becomes irrelevant. At that point, you’re jockeying for a barricade position with everyone else who’s already in the venue and the concert goers who are coming in behind you. 

If you’re able to claim a spot on the barricade, it’s yours for as long as you can hold on to it.  

Note: You may want to check with the venue or ticketing site to make sure there are no age restrictions on who can be in the standing area.

​How to get barricade at a kpop concert with seated sections

kpop concert tickets
Tips for How to get Barricade at a Kpop Concert

​Kpop shows that have seated sections, including on the floor, are a little bit different. 

With these types of shows, you’re assigned a specific seat number so you’re guaranteed to have that seat for the entire show. Even if you decide to hit the merch line to check out light sticks or you need to go to the bathroom, you don’t have to worry about losing your spot. 

If you want to get barricade at this type of show then you’ll need to buy a ticket on the first row.

Buying VVIP or VIP tickets usually means you have to be quick since those tickets can sell out fast. Signing up for advance registration or notifications with the ticketing site can give you a better chance of getting an early spot in the ticketing line. 

AXS, Live Nation, and Ticketmaster all offer some form of presale ticketing or advance registration. You just might need to join your favorite group’s official fan club or membership site in order to sign up for those notifications. 

For example, ARMY membership means you’ll get an early notice when BTS concert tickets or tickets for solo events like the Agust D tour go on sale. But it’s important to remember that having an official ARMY fan club membership doesn’t guarantee you a ticket.

What to Expect If You Get Barricade at a Kpop Concert

​You want to have the best experience possible at a kpop concert but you’ve got to remember there are going to be a lot of people around you wanting the same thing. So it helps to know what you can expect if you’re buying tickets to a show with an open pit.

  • Know the venue’s rules for camping. Every venue has different rules when it comes to fans camping out during the day or overnight. Some allow it but others don’t, so it’s a good idea to review any important information the venue or the ticketing agency sends you ahead of the show via email.
  • Time your arrival carefully. ​What time you need to get to the venue really depends on the size of the crowd that’s expected. The bigger the venues for your favorite bands, the longer the lines could end up being and the earlier you might need to get there unless you’re guaranteed priority access with a VIP or VVIP ticket.
  • Bring what you’ll need (but only what’s allowed). ​If you’re going to be camping for hours or even days on end, it helps to be prepared. For example, some of the things you’ll want to bring to a kpop concert can include snacks, plenty of water, a portable phone charger, a sleeping bag, and a pillow. Also, keep in mind that non-alcoholic beverages are fine but alcoholic drinks are usually prohibited.
  • Make safety a priority. Camping out for a kpop concert has some risks, especially if you’re spending the night outdoors in an unfamiliar city. If you must camp to get a barricade spot, then it’s better to do it with friends or family if you can. If you’re going to a kpop concert solo, you might want to chat up the people in line around you so that you’re not isolated. The venue may have security personnel on-site to enforce safety regulations and maintain order in the lines ahead of the show.
  • Be aware of who’s around you. ​General public seating can put you at risk of being caught in a stadium crush if you’re at the front of the barricade and there are a lot of people pushing behind you. Collapsed fans are not new to kpop concerts but you don’t want to be one of them. Knowing how to create space around you can help you avoid getting crushed against the barricade, which is often the biggest complaint fans have. 
  • Don’t leave your spot. ​If you have to go to the bathroom or leave the floor for any other reason, don’t expect your spot at the barricade to be waiting for you when you get back. Once you’re out, it can be very difficult to fight your way back to the front of the crowd so you might want to plan to stay put until the lights go up after the encore stage. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does barricade at a kpop concert work the same for overseas tours?

International fans who are attending a kpop concert in a different should be prepared for the venue to have different rules than what they’re used to. In South Korea, for example, there’s usually no camping or waiting. Your queue number is typically assigned based on your tickets instead of where you’re standing in line. It’s a great idea to get familiar with the venue’s rules before you go to the show so you know what you can expect. 

Is buying VIP tickets to get barricade at a kpop concert worth it?

Spending extra money to get VIP tickets could be worth it if you’re reasonably sure that you’ll be able to get barricade if the seats are standing room only. If VIP tickets won’t get you priority in the line when queue numbers are being assigned because the venue uses a lottery system or is first-come, first-served, then you’ll have to decide whether it makes sense to upgrade your tickets. 

Do VIP benefits transfer if you’re buying resale tickets?

Resale tickets can be a great way to get into a kpop show if you miss out on tickets when they first go on sale. However, it’s important to check the ticketing site and venue’s rules as VIP benefits don’t always transfer over when you’re buying resale. Plus, you’ll have to consider whether buying resale is even worth the money if you’re going to be paying a lot more for them than the original price they sold for. 

How do I get the best chance of getting kpop concert tickets?

The key to getting tickets to a kpop concert when they go on sale is being fast. It also helps to pre-register with the ticketing site so you get an early notification of when the sale is about to start. Saving your credit card and contact information on file can save an extra step at checkout. You can also get on the mailing lists for your favorite groups’ official fan clubs so you know when tickets are set to go on sale and which sites they’ll be available on. 

​Final Thoughts

Getting barricade can level up your whole experience when you’re seeing your favorite idols in person. At the end of the day, you have to know what’s really involved in how to get barricade to a kpop concert. You’ll most likely have to be early and you might need to aim for VVIP or VIP tickets to get the best chance at securing a spot. But remember that if you don’t get barricade for your first concert, you can always try again for your second concert (or third, fourth, fifth, etc.). 

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