Kpop Concert Age Limit: How Old for K-Pop Concerts? [Ultimate Guide]

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Going to k-pop concerts can be a lot of fun and your first concert experience is one you may never forget. But you might be wondering, is there a kpop concert age limit you need to meet to go to a live show? 

​Unless the concert venue or the tour promoter sets specific age restrictions, then no, there is no age limit for attending a concert to see your favorite k-pop group.

However, not all kpop concerts are all ages events. That means if you’re a minor (which usually means 17 year olds and under) you might need an adult to go into the show with you versus going alone.

Here’s what you need to know about when a kpop concert age limit might apply and how to prepare if you’re planning to see a live performance. 

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​Is There a Kpop Concert Age Limit?

There is no universal kpop concert age limit and I’ve seen people of all ages at the kpop shows I’ve been to, from very young to much older. (And you’ve probably heard about the baby that crawled on stage during NMIXX’s concert.)

Kpop concerts can, however, choose to set restrictions that require parental supervision for minors under certain age limits. Whether there’s an age limit for a k-pop concert can depend on several things, including:

  • What type of concert it is (festivals like Kpop Lux might have different rules)
  • Which k-pop group or artist is performing
  • What age restrictions, if any, the concert venue or promoter set

The artist might also have a say and set their own policies for concert age limits. For example, BTS concerts can have different age restrictions depending on the venue and the nature of the show.

When they performed in Busan in October 2022, for example, the actual concert tickets were free to the general public. However, admission was limited to people aged 9 and older

​But when Namjoon held his special solo concert not long after, there was a strict no no-minors-allowed policy. The concert, which was limited to just 200 lucky ARMYs, was open only to fans who were aged 21 and older. 

RM explained his reasoning for making the special event an adults-only show.


I 100% see why now. It was out of respect, also probably because he wanted people around his age to be there and feel the same energy. I fully support the decision to do it. (Also idk in general if they have a age restriction) #rm #namjoon #kimnamjoon #kpop #kpopfyp #rmindigo #rmsoloalbum #bts #army

♬ Wild Flower (with youjeen) – RM

There can also be age requirements for large-scale events that bring lots of different groups and fans together. 

For example, KCON LA is one of the biggest live events as it’s part popular concert, part kpop convention. Lots of different artists perform here and the event draws a huge crowd of kpop fans every year.

For this year’s KCON LA, all attendees under 18 were required to have a parent or legal guardian present at the venue. Attendees 13 and under were required to be with their parent or guardian at all times.

kcon kpop concert age limit
Is There a Kpop Concert Age Limit?

Is There an Age Limit for VIP Tickets, Soundcheck, or Hi Touch?

​Spending extra for VIP tickets can help you have an amazing experience since you might be able to get benefits like:

  • Priority access, which is a must if you’re trying to get barricade in the standing area
  • Special freebies, like tote bags or photocards
  • Opportunities to take photos on stage, with or without the artist

A soundcheck ticket is worth the money if you want to see your favorite artists up close before the concert starts.

Soundcheck is when the stage crew and artists check the sound quality on the day of the show. It’s one of my favorite features of a kpop concert since it’s a chance for everyone to have a good time before the real show gets underway.

Hi touch comes after the show and it’s when the artists line up and either high-five or wave to fans to wrap up the show. This is a fun way to end your concert experience and see your faves up close if you were seated (or standing) far away from the stage.

So, is there any age limit on any of it?

Again, it depends on the venue and the concert. Some big names might prefer to have an age limit; others may not. 

​How Do You Know If There’s a Kpop Concert Age Limit?

The easiest way to find out if concerts are age-restricted or all ages events is to go to the ticketing site. The ticketing site should include any important information about age limits or requirements in the terms and conditions or other details about ticketing. 

It’s important to keep in mind that information on ticketing sites can vary when it comes to age group restrictions, even if they’re selling tickets for the same artist’s tour. 

For example, I was recently looking at ticket prices for The Rose’s Dusk to Dawn World Tour for different venues. 

Tickets for the Washington, D.C. show, which were being sold through Ticketmaster had just one age restriction. Anyone 2 or older attending the concert must have a ticket. 

ticketmaster kpop concert age limit

Meanwhile, there were no age restrictions at all for the Atlanta show. That show, however, was only selling standing area tickets instead of assigned seats. 

livenation kpop concert age limit

If you don’t see anything listed on the ticketing site, you can also go straight to the event promoter’s website to look for rules regarding ages. It’s also helpful to look at the venue’s website for information on age limits and other restrictions.

For example, a venue might require you to be accompanied by an adult if you’re under 16. You might be able to work around that if you’re going to a kpop concert with a group of friends and one of them is 18 or older. 

But if you were trying to go to a kpop concert solo, then you might need a parent or another adult to come along to make sure that you can get in. 

And when a show is 18+ only, then minors aren’t allowed at all. When OnlyOneOf held their Grand America Tour in 2023, for example, certain venues were 18 and up only.

Here are some of the main sites in the U.S. where you can buy kpop concert tickets. You can check out each one’s policies and search for kpop concerts near you while you’re at it.

Pro tip: Check the terms and conditions to see if there are any other restrictions to know, like a clear bag policy or mask policy. 

Kpop Concert Age Limit FAQs

Can a 12 year old go to a kpop concert?

​A 12-year-old can go to a kpop concert as long as the venue, artist, or promoter doesn’t place any restrictions on age for ticket holders. Some venues might not allow someone who’s 12 or younger to go to a kpop concert without an adult present. And if you’re going to a large concert, you might not want to go alone at that young of an age anyway, as that could present some safety concerns

Can a 13 year old go to a Blackpink concert?

A 13-year-old can go to a Blackpink concert and have a great time, as long as there are no age restrictions from the venue, promoter, or artist. One of the most important things to keep in mind when deciding on a good age to go to a kpop concert is the content of the show. Blackpink is one of the most popular girl groups around and they definitely put out a sexy vibe during their shows. Regardless of whether you’re seeing a male group, female group, or soloist you want to have a great experience and that includes seeing content that you’re comfortable with. 

Are kpop concerts safe for 13 year olds or 14 year olds to attend alone?

Kpop music is geared toward teens but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some things to consider before going to one alone at a younger age. For example, some venues only serve non-alcoholic beverages but others might serve beer, wine, or liquor, which could lead to a rowdier crowd. If it’s your first time at a kpop concert, it helps to be prepared so that you can have the most enjoyable experience possible. That means knowing:

  • What you can bring to a kpop concert (and what you can’t — professional cameras and selfie sticks, for example, may not be allowed)
  • Keeping your cell phone charged so you can get in touch with parents or friends if you need to
  • Knowing how to get to and from the venue, especially if you’re taking public transport
  • Having cash and a debit card or credit card on hand
  • Knowing what time you’ll need to get to the venue and what time the show will be over

Pro tip: If you’re at a kpop concert alone and need help, you can look for the nearest security guard. Or you can go to the box office to ask for help. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re planning to go to a kpop show to enjoy live music, you don’t want to wait until the last minute to find out if there are any limits that might keep you from going into the venue. Checking requirements from the venue, promoter, or artist beforehand can ensure that you have the best time possible once your faves take the stage. 

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